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baby playlist

Last week we took a very short but much needed vacation, and one of the things I did to get ready was to make a special playlist on the iPod of Emily-approved songs; bouncy stuff, garage rock, some of the big band stuff she likes. And by the 2nd day, she was asking for her 3 favorite songs, over and over (and yes, over).

They were:

"Everybody Monkey" by Freddie Cannon (or, as I like to say, "Freddie BOOM! BOOM! Cannon")

"Gorilla" by The Shandells

"Don't Take it Away" from Yo Gabba Gabba! (See the clip here)

I realize one day it'll be all Cheetah Girls or Devo 2.0 but for now...whew! At least we can take it. And later...well, I think headphones will work out just fine.

What did you say?

devo 2.0 will not survive so long. nonetheless, mark mothersbaugh supports it. it's devolution.

If someone is of an age to remember The Gong Show, I believe they are legally required to refer to Freddie Cannon as Freddie Boom! Boom! Cannon. Or if not, they oughtta be.

really? I am going to have to ask Evan about this. Was he actually ON the Gong show? wow!

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