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just five little dollars....

The clever and talented Mary Ann has come up with a brilliant idea to support and promote etsy, the site where people can sell their handcrafts -- by pledging to buy one item a month, spending less than $5, and then posting about it at the end of the month so we can all see what everyone bought. I've already made my August purchase!! (You'll just have to wait and find out what it was!) I think Mary Ann needs to be the one organizing this since it was her idea, but in the meantime, won't you think about joining us?

What did you say?

oh wow...well, that's my new favorite website. i just found about a million things i want.
thanks for the link!

Done!! Since I have a little money in the paypal I'm free to go crazy! ;)

Am I such a genius or what?! lol! Aren't you so clever for thinking of a blog?!

hahaha!! Mary Ann IS a genius!

And just so everyone knows, she and I ARE going to set up a (slightly) organized group thing for people who agree to do this for at least a few months. Watch our blogs for details soon!!

I'm in!

i meant to put this somewhere, but i've become confused as to where. be gentle, por favor.

i'm trying to get people to give me the cost of a starbucks coffee drink, so i can get a neurological work up. tell your friends (or people with money).

really serious deja vu, here. if you're deleting my posts, will you tell me. on the other hand, i'm drunk. any apologies needed.

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