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an improbable recipe...

...and probably, an impossible one as well! This appeared in an MGM short we saw last week called "I'm Much Obliged". A minor plot point revolved around this newspaper recipe by "Auntie Pru" (actually a cranky old man with dyspepsia), which was so ridiculous I had to write it down. And here it is:

Paradise Whip

2 pounds of marshmallows
1 dozen crushed bananas
1 pound of butterscotch caramel syrup
1 cup dark brown molasses
1 can of condensed milk
6 egg yolks

Beat yolks of six eggs. Add condensed milk, pour in the molasses and caramel syrup. Thoroughly mix marshmallows with bananas. Add liquid ingredients and set aside to cool. Serve with meringue and sweeten to taste.

Obviously, the "sweeten to taste" part is a big joke, haha, about as funny as the short was. (i.e. NOT). I could almost believe this was some noxious 1930s recipe except there is a major step obviously left out...you cool it, but it's never been heated. I did wonder for about 15 minutes if it was possible to make something from this. Then I decided it would just be too gross and sweet no matter what you did! But if you're brave enough to take a crack at it, go right ahead!

What did you say?

This is unrelated to the (horrifying!) recipe, but I had to ask - how was Kamikaze Girls? I've had that on my wishlist for awhile now and wanted a firsthand opinion....

oh why? Why do you tempt me so? ha ha! loved this post you funny girl!

Oh come on, Mary, I bet you can get your family to eat it!!

Neko -- I have been meaning to post about Kamikaze Girls, actually -- I really liked the novel a lot. I very rarely buy a book to keep and I bought this one. It's hard to describe but I definitely recommend it.

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