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clothing make-overs!

boba jumper

I've always been really into the idea of cutting down old clothes that still had some wear left in them into kid's clothes -- but until now, I didn't have a kid to re-make anything for! Now that I do, I've started experimenting with the idea. I already had cut down some old pajamas into a pair of pants, which worked out great (and also remade a pair of footed leggings into cuffed pants, making them last an extra 3-4 months!). And this week I finished the best project so far, this cute little geek-baby Boba Fett jumper! The pattern came from a Japanese pattern magazine; the fabric came from this ILM staff shirt someone gave Evan a while back. It was very cool, but big and starting to wear around the collar. So I decided it was the perfect subject.

First, I made a test jumper, using a very old and raggedy cotton shirt I'd bought at Pearl River Mart maybe a decade ago. It came out cute, but halfway through I realized the fabric was worse off than I'd thought, so I cheated and used velcro on the tabs. It looks good on her anyway. And once that came out well, I went for the Boba shirt.

I only had two real challenges: first, the back had the ILM logo across it, so I had to piece the jumper's back to avoid it. Second, I haven't sewn a buttonhole in so long, I apparently forgot how. Several test buttonholes later, I decided to cheat! So those are actually fakes, with snaps sewn on underneath. Maybe next time...

Now we have a small stack of favorite-but-worn t-shirts to be made-over for the next few years. Evan can't wait til I get to his Batboy shirt, but it's so huge, I don't think she'll be getting that one til she's 3 or 4. Jumpers ahoy!

What did you say?

reminds me of the first cut down i made for my daughter
cut out the worn fabric from my wifes stuff into stuff for my 3 year old daughter. worked out really well.

your little girl is going to be stylish chic!

Wow, that is the cutest thing. I can imagine the kind of conversation that it will someday spawn.

You: Get me something for the baby to wear.

Evan: What do you want?

You: Uhh... Bring me the Head of Boba Fett jumper.

Huh. That sounded a lot more clever in my head.

I think it's pretty funny! Now we just have to keep ourselves from fighting over it and ripping it, right?

I want to make more jumpers but...I think I need to go ahead and start making them bigger or she'll grow out of them all next week!

There is something seriously wrong when a toddler's clothes are leagues cooler than mine. I think she'd get into a party in Williamsburg hours before I would.

Ken A.

Her wardrobe kicks my ass, I'll tell you that. It's an inspiration though, since I don't want people thinking I'm the slob nanny of the cutely dressed baby!!

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