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At last! We have true broadband again! A few hiccups still (the house network isn't set up, and I need to still do some settings and things I don't have time to do) but...wow, I forgot what broadband was actually like. A-mazing. Once we get through this week's work, posts and photos ahoy! In the meantime, the briefest of show reports:

We attended the NYCC this past Feb. Evan went all three days and sat at the SLG booth; Emily and I went on Friday and Sunday, and she was great. The SLG was just a giant playpen for her, with friendly SLG creators and staff to play with, cute stuffed animals, books to look at -- she had a blast. She also scammed toys off of SLG Pres. Dan (stuffed Bear and Looshkins, SO CUTE) and one off SLG creator Landry Walker (a little guy called "Flamette" -- Evan told him not to show it to her!). We also bought a Demon Guard VooDoo Baby for me, but that was it for the whole weekend. Evan saw a couple things he wanted but...too spendy.

Here's Emily working the table:

Emily guarding daddy's portfolio

What did you say?

I would totally buy comics from that little cutie! She's so big now!
Where's her Action Girl costume? :)

Is it my imagination, or is she a ringer for her dad?

Too cute, and what fashion sense!

those demon guards are soo cute!!!

She is so damn adorable. I want to kiss those cheeks like mad. As much as I dig Evan, I kept coming back to the SLG booth to see her Sunday.

Is it wrong for a 30 year old man to be jealous of a baby for getting a free Bear & Looshkin? Yes? Just checking.

Ken A.

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