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fingers crossed!

DSL is scheduled to be here by Friday. Here's hoping! (Every communication I get from them reminds me that until it's actually working they can't promise that it really will work, thanks a lot guys.) If it happens, expect a couple posts from me (drafts I have been unable to finish or post) and a flood of posting on Evan's journal most likely. And a huge reduction of stress here at the house of fun. (Seriously, what's going on here is worse than dial-up. No kidding.) In the meantime, here's hoping I can connect long enough to post this tonight!

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Hi, comments are closed on all archived entries at this site now. I've moved to my new site, Colorkitten, and taken all my entries along with me! Feel free to find this entry there and comment; comment on a newer entry; or, email me. Thanks for stopping by!