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happy holiday!

Hope you all are having a relaxing and festive holiday weekend. And remember, like I said last year -- avoid CBS' crappy parade coverage!

Update - just got a mailing that Puffy (a.k.a. PuffyAmiYumi) will be in the parade! That's pretty cool. I must say though, notifying your mailing list at 1 am the night/morning before the parade...? Not too timely. The mailing also said there will be dolls coming out soon. Dolls that I already saw over a month ago, hello! (Dolls which I may have to get since I have the other two doll sets of Puffy...)

What did you say?

That was pretty bad wasn't it? They didn't show the M&M float knocking the lights on those people or anything!

Yeah -- I couldn't believe the musical numbers and the huge quantity of "who are these people" singers....and as usual, CRAPPY coverage of the Macy's floats, which I think are actually the best ones.

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