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jones soda

More on the limited Jones Sodas: you may know this, but the whole concept started in 2003 with a Turkey and Gravy soda. In 2004, they had a whole Holiday Pack which added Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potato & Butter, Fruitcake and Cranberry flavors to their Turkey & Gravy Soda. I heard about it, but it's not like we found it anywhere for sale (not to mention, those are probably not flavors that an often-nauseated pregnant woman should even be thinking about, much less drinking). So, you can see, they've had a history of disgusting flavors that led up to those scary halloween sodas at Target.

And now the Holiday Pack for 2005 is about to hit. They're being coy about it on their own site still, but I find it listed as containing the famous Turkey and Gravy, plus four all-new flavors guaranteed to make you sick: Smoked Salmon Pate, Broccoli Casserole, Corn on the Cob and Pecan Pie. Now, I would definitely give Pecan Pie a shot. But...smoked salmon flavored soda? I swear, they make these sodas as a dare to the general public.

What did you say?

I would guess they've observed how popular the Harry Potter Jelly Beans are that are gross flavors like grass, snot, ear wax, etc. and found that creating disgusting flavors is appealing to the curous nature of the population. I mean, I've read your blog and now I want to find some of these disgusting sodas just to have my kids try them because it'd be funny.

You know, I forgot all about the Harry Potter beans! I actually liked "grass" but there was one -- I'm thinking some kind of fish? -- that was VILE. And yeah, if a holiday five pack landed on my doorstep we'd try them! I'd be standing over the sink for that salmon pate though...

Any soda company that counts as one of its regular flavors something called "D'Peach Mode" --

"D'Peach Mode"? They DO?

We're not actually that familiar with Jones, we can't get it around here and when we do see it we generally zero in on the green apple (jolly rancher flavor soda!) and ignore the rest. I am kind of liking the berry lemonade (in cans from target) even if it does make you grimace!

I wonder if target will carry the new sodas? i had never heard of those others before or the harry potter beans.They sound hideous, yet I want them! Also, FIY, if you have a World Market anywhere near you they carry some Jone's sodas.

Here ( http://www.jonessoda.com/files_new/naturals.html ) is a page showing the most punny of their soda names: Berry White, Strawberry Manilow, Bohemian Raspberry, etc. They no longer make Fu Cran Fu, though.

i saw the holiday pack at target recently
it also included brussell sprouts and herb dressing flavors

herb stuffing? Mmmmmm....NO THANK YOU!

They've turned up in the QFC. Seventeen dollars for five sodas I know I'm not going to finish is a bit steep.
But in other grocery news, the Jones Soda frozen pops have turned up in the store. Those, I would like to try. I would send you some, if I could figure out how.

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