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wild animals -- loose on the internet!

I've been watching WildCam Africa on the National Geographic website whenever I get the chance lately. It's a live webcam (with sound!) that's bringing you video from a pond in Botswana 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, since it's live the best viewing hours are not East-Coast-living-with-a-baby hours, but even so we've seen elephants, zebras, steenbocks, hyenas, a jackal, an ostrich, and loads of other birds. It's very science-fiction, the idea that you really DO have a window that can show you sunset in Africa live as it happens, and it's really fun to watch animals in the wild without actually having to go there. It'll only be running until December 8th -- but I hope it's only the first of many such experiments!

What did you say?

It's 3:39am so I'm watching it where it's 9:39 there. It's pretty interesting - thanks for posting a link to it, Sarah! My cat is going crazy right now thinking there are birds in our house.

I hope you and Evan and Emily are well. I have yet to sew together the t-shirt quilt. It's finally not going to be 90 degrees during the day after the next couple days so I need to get on that for when I want to wrap myself up when it's cold (ha!). We're also still watching where this hurricane is going.


Hey Josh! Have you seen anything really cool yet? I saw a crocodile yesterday, which is marked on their checklist as really rare, so that was exciting. Funny thing -- I didn't know there was sound for at least 2 weeks -- I always look at it when Emily is sleeping so the volume was off on the computer!

I'll be looking forward to seeing that t-shirt quilt when it's finally finished!

They had the camera fixed on an antelope that was standing in the water for almost an hour.

I found the sounds to be pretty soothing as I was doing computer stuff; it's like having a tranquility CD of African sounds.

When nothing is going on, they need to introduce this famed Pete of "Pete's Pond" and have him entertain us with a song and dance routine.

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