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more on mocca

Evan already posted about our MoCCA mini-comics haul, which he looked through far more thouroughly than I did. I agree with him 100% on that Eleanor Davis story, it's amazing. I think this may be her site, but I'm not 100% sure. There could be two Eleanor Davises at SCAD. But I doubt it. Also really enjoyable (and I snagged it away so Evan didn't actually read it yet) was the completed Catfight by M.K. Reed. We got the first part of it last year (I think -- I don't remember MoCCA 2004 too well as I was holding back Emily-related nausea most of the time) so I was excited to see it finished. A really good read -- and I also highly recommend the story "Cold As Ice" on her site, I literally could not stop reading once I started!

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