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more dishes

Okay, I wasn't going to make another baby/kids post but then I found these super-cute French Bull kid's sets, kitty and monkey being my obvious favorites, with Dots a close 2nd. Man, there just isn't enough money in the world for all the cute things you can buy a baby these days (or the space!)

What did you say?

Speaking of stuff for kids: I finally found those Ikea ghosty nightlight things you talked about before Emily was born. I bought all three -- do you want them? Since I drag my feel like nobody else in the world, you've probably already found/bought/received them, but they're here if you still need them (if not, I'll give them to another friend about to have a baby). Say the word -- I still have your POB address.

No, we never did get them, and I'd love them for Emily! We kept thinking they'd come back in to Ikea but...we actually haven't been to Ikea (or New Jersey!) since she was born. So I'd be more than happy to take them...^_^

Okay -- I'll get them in the mail this week. So this is my *very* belated baby gift -- hope Emily gets a kick out of them.

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