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gameboy for grownups

Wow, the new Game Boy Advance is to die for. Tiny, sleek and backlit…what more could you ask for? My friend Christine sent me more info, and it should be out here by March for $100 or so. Probably won't be buying it then, but it'll be on my wishlist in 2003, that's for sure.

Another entertainment in 2003 is definitely going to be the marvelous 365 days (thanks to Matt for the link!) A reformat of the page scared me, but everything's archived away neatly now. Today's offering: the amazing Murray Wilson. Yup, the ultimate stage father of our time.
Added 2003-01-10: 365 days has found help in mirrors and archive space, so the site is back up to full speed! Enjoy!

What did you say?


I think this should work. If not, go to the latest comic page.

I'm not sure if the strip is funny, or if its existence is what's funny...(nice-looking, though!)

That 365 link rocks. thankee much for heads up. the word has been passed.

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