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a certain aliceI came across this marvelous Alice site the other day, which has a listing of Alice illustrators other then Tenniel. The complete color plates for several are represented (including my childhood fave Arthur Rackham, and Mabel Lucie Attwell, pictured here) with the promise of more to come. I didn't even know about all these alternate versions, and I'd love to see them all someday.

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What did you say?

...rackham #6 (the frying pan) is amazing! his frontalpiece is truly beautiful. and mabel attwell's 'pool of tears' is Darling--those ducks!

Lovely find! :D

I saw the book you were reading.
I belive they made a miniseries of that staring John Ritter, of Threes Company fame a couple years back, possibly Halmark.
I think it was a pretty good one.

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