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i'll never leave the house again…

I keep forgetting to mention, video-on-demand kicked in last Friday, and it's amazing. We didn't get anything in the mail about it, but I got into the menu clicking through the guide and it's been working ever since (it's free with our particular cable/broadband package). We've watched a couple short things just to try it out, and used it to watch The Others (which, incidentally, we really liked) the other day. If they add all those other channels they're promising (HGTV, etc) then I won't have to envy everyone I know with a TIVO. If you like any HBO series it's really neat, as they have the complete current season of amost everything up and you can just watch them at will. The future just keeps getting here faster and faster, doesn't it?

(Whoops, forgive the miraculous appearance of this day-old entry, I forgot to change the status from draft to publish. Oops!)

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