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On the learning curve

While in the middle of several other end-of year projects (designing the new Dork trade paperback, some serious housecleaning, holiday shopping, running eBay auctions to help pay off the holiday shopping, etc etc), I've been spending my so-called "leisure time" (ha ha) trying to learn how to use Movable Type so that I can implement it on this site. The learning curve is as steep as I was told, but it really can do amazing things! Including managing non-journal pages. I hope to have worked my way through it enough (a little more free time wouldn't hurt) to implement it before the end of the year. I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone looking for something to manage a journal and/or site, and big thanks to Bill for talking me into it.

Almost forgot, among those projects, Evan finally finished the Mr. Bunny drawing, and the first shirts are up now.

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