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a few favorite things

Wow, time flies when you're in over your head. I've got a couple notable things to mention…

I've never liked Martha Stewart (regardless of her business practices, I think she's a phony) but I admit that the magazine with her name on it can have some pretty good info—and recently they started putting together graphics and projects you can download and print (or cut out and xerox) which is pretty cool. The newest batch is a set of vintage-style gift tags for the holidays. Check them out here: here (in pdf format).

I've known about Kodansha's "Bilingual Comics" line for a while, but I had no idea how many titles they'd been putting out! They're published for Japan, but you can get them from Amazon Japan, or Japanese bookstores in the US. Wednesday night I checked the only listing I've ever found for them (here, and you can order from this page as well) and discovered that among the many titles they'd added were three volumes of GeGeGe No Kitaro (a series we've loved since we watched it on TV here about 8 years ago)—less than 24 hours later, I had all three volumes in my hands thanks to a trip into the city by Evan to the Asahiya bookstore. Wow, is the internet a great thing or what? (He also got me vol. 1 of Princess Knight and my missing vol. 1 of Kindaichi Files).

Everyone I know has IMDb on top of their bookmark lists, but did you know there's a similar site for Broadway shows? The IBDb (note the clever name) is nowhere near as comprehensive, but there's a surprising amount of information on it. We found it trying to find a cast list for Phil Silvers' 1951-1952 show Top Banana, and while we didn't actually find the exact info we needed, we did at least find this resource. Top Banana was actually filmed as a play, and while what's left of it (the only copy that appears to survive is a cut-up one, and I mean drastically cut—scenes actually abruptly shift, numbers are chopped off, and where's that talking wonder dog?!) isn't exactly great, it's still worth catching as a very early satire on the entertainment business.

And finally, for a little goofing off, check out this game, Los Straightjackets in Viva Los Straighjackets!, which is your basic jeweled tetris-style game, but with cool graphics and music courtesy of LS.

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