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kitty litter

I guess it's technically the 26th, actually. Anyway for those of you that have cats—I've been meaning to mention that we've just switched to this wheat-based litter and it's really working out well. I'm not a big fan of clay-based litter (if the dust chokes me, what's it doing to the cats?), but none of the alternatives we tried over the years worked out. Somehow I came across this stuff, we tested it out in one box and it was a huge success. For the first time, the cats liked the new litter better. It's scoopable, and apparently flushable and compostable, although I won't be trying either. Anyway, you can look into it for yourself, but if you do try it, one tip from me: after cleaning the litter box (you do clean it regularly, right?), dry it and give the inside a light coating of canola oil. Trust me on this one.

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