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Whew! This year's SPX experience was certainly an unusual one, mainly because of the freaky events we went through just to get there. (I'm going to let Evan tell this story himself, but until that happens I'll give you a couple of key words: dead body; truck stop; severed finger. No, I'm not making that up, and don't worry, we both still have ten fingers each.) The show went well but it was too big and disorganized to really see much of anyone. Dork 10 came out on Friday (no printing mistakes) and sold out by mid-Saturday (it should be in stores tomorrow). (Annoying coindence: the book comes out at SPX on Friday. Saturday people start coming up to us and say "Hey, did you see your joke was on Leno?" Just a minor joke, no big deal, but how annoying.) (Hey, note how parenthetical I'm feeling today…) Thanks to all of you who stopped by and said hi, by the way—we were kept pretty busy all of both days. And we did manage to have quite a bit of fun while we were at it, actually. Of course, then we came home to a house full of mysteriously non-functioning stuff, which was no fun. But that's a whole other story.

On another note, if you use XP, hopefully you already know about the near-fatal security hole that's been discovered (which allows entire directories on your hard drive to be deleted by a web site! go microsoft!) If not, go to Leoville for info and links.

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