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a car-wreck

Between the heat and the grueling last-stretch-of-a-book's-deadline I'm just wiped out. Yesterday I felt awful and crashed on the couch, where I ended up transfixed by that Anna Nicole Smith show on E! last night. Not the documentary, but the reality show. It's beyond mondo. I never planned on watching it, and I don't know if I'd intentionally watch another episode, but it's like the celebrity car-crash to end all car-crashes. Evan hates that stuff and he even ended up sitting down for 15 minutes because you just cannot look away. (Of course, if there'd been a half-way decent movie on our cable I wouldn't have been flicking channels and gotten sucked in. But that's a whole other issue.) Still, even with the heat and Anna Nicole softening my brain, I got a lot done over the weekend including setting up a Fun-Strip-of-the-week thing at our home site (warning! strong language!) That only took me like, a year or two to get done.

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