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Puffy and the mystery band

This weekend I got to see one of my favorite bands, Puffy, on their first North American tour. I've never seen a band that looked so happy, down to the last member. I have to admit, I'm a fan but my expectations were a little low (they're pretty "produced" so I wasn't sure how that would work out)—but they were totally impressive live. We almost thought the show would be cancelled (the power went out in a big chunk of Manhattan) but the venue was spared and the show went on (yay!). It was easily the best show I'd been to in a long time. The first opening band, Gaijin A' Go-Go was really interesting, but alas, I was too tapped out to get the CD (well, you know, after buying my Puffy shirt) and I actually cannot find them, or anything about them, online. Horrors!

Hey, forgot to mention it—new cooking lesson went up Friday!

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